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About Gonor Funding

Gonor Funding was formed by Norman Gonor, a Los Angeles investor who has participated in equipment based lease transactions for several years.  Thus he has extensive experience in evaluating the credit and collateral opportunities associated with “challenged credit” leases.  Mr. Gonor’s skills are supplemented by outside advisors, consultants and investors to assure excellent service for our brokers and lessees.

At Gonor. everything we do is designed to get your tough credit transactions done as quickly and easily as possible:

  • You talk directly to the decision maker and answers come faster than you might ever have imagined. 
  • We have no credit committees, no extensive packaging requirements. If the deal makes sense, we do it. 
  • And, since all transactions are funded internally, there are no cumbersome bank regulations to deal with.

Gonor Funding is based in Encino, California and operates nationally through a network of selected lease brokers.

If you are an established lease broker, please contact us to learn how you can take advantage of our capabilities