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Underwriting Guidelines

At Gonor, we have very few items on the list of “Unacceptable Transactions.”

Our principal concern is saleable collateral.  Saleable collateral means things we can easily liquidate in the event of a default such as real estate, machine tools and vehicles. 

We generally require two to one collateral coverage.  That is to say that if we are doing a $50,000 lease, there must be $100,000 in collateral (including the sale value of the leased equipment). 

If we are comfortable with the collateral, then we are not overly concerned with standard credit analysis tools such as FICO scores and financial ratios.  However, we must be comfortable that the company intends to – and has the wherewithal – to continue in business.

Feel free to call us to preview any project you are working on.  Together we can find structures to make most deals possible.