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Broker Program

Supporting The Broker Community

At Gonor, we get virtually all of our business through lease brokers and therefore all of our efforts are directed to making programs available to allow brokers to complete transactions he might otherwise have to reject and earn greater commissions as a result.

For one thing, there is no formal cap on broker commissions.  While most of our transactions earn 7 to 10 points for the broker, there are situations where higher returns can be achieved.  This is one of the areas of discussion when previewing a potential lease.

Gonor is a Funder Member of the National Association of Equipment Lease Brokers.

 The Process

Here are the basic steps we follow to expedite and fund your lease transactions:

1-   Broker Submits Package –

We need a completed credit application, a recent credit bureau report, copies of the lessee’s last three months’ bank statements, information on the equipment to be leased and the vendor it is coming from, and a brief explanation of the nature of the transaction.

2-   Three Hour Response –

We respond within three hours with a preliminary evaluation and, if necessary, a request for additional information to better understand the deal

3-   Interview –

After receiving the requested information, we schedule a telephone interview with the lessee to discuss the deal and get any remaining questions answered.

4-   Documentation –

As soon as the interview is completed and we decide to proceed, we then create and transmit the lease documents to the lessee for him to execute and return with the deposit or advance rental check.

5-   Inspection –

When we have the completed documentation, an equipment inspection is scheduled.

6-   Funding –

As soon as the equipment is verified, the lease is funded and both the vendor and the broker are paid immediately.